Windows 10 Tutorials 30 – Installing Preview Builds

Windows 10 Tutorials 30 – Installing Preview Builds

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

A glimpse at the various options Microsoft provides for installing preview builds of the operating system.

Windows 10 is, at the time of this writing, an operating system under development.

But this time around, Microsoft is engaging the user base in ways unheard of, by providing the community with several avenues to offer feedback on almost all areas of the OS — from user interface to feature set and usability.

The company regularly rolls out new preview builds to users that have signed up for its new Windows Insider program — which is free for everyone.

Tutorials Preview Build Installation

Check for and install the latest Windows 10 preview builds

Microsoft has set up two distinct rings for Windows Insiders to classify them, and this classification is primarily used to deliver newer preview builds to computers via the Windows Update option.

The Slow ring is for users that want more stable builds, free of common errors.

While the Fast ring is best suited experienced users and enthusiasts that want access to the latest preview versions as fast as possible, even at the apparent risk of some new bugs or problems.

You can select your choice from the panel above.

Hit the Advanced options link in Windows Update in the Update & Recovery section and you can change your choice in the Choose how preview builds are installed section down below.

Click or tap the back arrow and check if a new preview build is available from the previous screen.

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  • Robert

    No brainer here, I’ll go for lighting speed, I wanna get my hands on the newest builds. I have high expectation from this, I think it would be a huge success for Microsoft.

  • Nathaniel

    I can’t wait for Windows 10 to go live! I think it would be their best one yet considering how they approached things this time, asking for suggestions and feedback from people. A big plus from me for doing things this way! They are beginning to understand how important people (their future clients and existing clients) are. Hopefully this will reflect in their end product.

  • Perry Carson

    I for one would love to have a stable build, free from errors. I remember how much I loved Windows XP because it just wouldn’t give me any errors. I was very sad to leave it behind after years of usage. If some games and programs I use wouldn’t require a newer version of Windows, I would have never switched. It was the best Windows they created and hopefully 10 will try to emulate XP.