Windows Phone Keeps Gaining Users Across The World

Windows Phone Keeps Gaining Users Across The World

Windows Phone Europe Growth

With only a couple of markets where Microsoft’s operating platform has lost a few, namely Italy and Spain, but overall, Windows Phone has posted growth across the board.

The small declines are also understandable, in fact.

Redmond is ready to introduce Windows 10 Mobile this December, but in the meantime, the platform has managed to gain market share in regions like Germany, the UK, France, the United States, China, Australia, Japan, and the EU5.

This is according to the latest data provided by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The market research firm says that Windows Phone posted a 3.6% market share increase over the same period of the previous year in Germany, where it now has a steady and stable 10.5% to its name.

Surprisingly, Android dipped sharply over there, down 7.1% to 75.2%, while iOS and Windows Phone posted gains of 4.6% and 3.6% respectively.

Kantar Mobile August 2015

Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar:

“Windows Phone share has experienced some growth in France, Germany, and Australia, and maintained share elsewhere, but we have not seen any major impact on the overall market, despite some aggressive price points.

At the Windows 10 New York launch on October 6, we saw Microsoft refocused on offering a companion phone for users of Windows 10, and enterprise-class devices to IT departments – a more modest goal perhaps, but certainly a more realistic one.”

Windows Phone was up 0.3% to 11.3% in the United Kingdom, where again, Android lost 5.2% of its user base to end up at 54.1%. Apple iOS improved its standing by 5.8%to 33.7%.

The two countries where Microsoft’s mobile OS lost users, Italy and Spain, it declined by 0.8% and 0.3% respectively, but then again, Italy is the best performing European market for Windows Phone, where it currently holds a 13.7% sway, above iOS and its 10.6%.

So overall, Microsoft has reasons to be encouraged that its platform will continue this ascending trend, with Windows 10 Mobile.

It has held its own up until now, that’s for sure!

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  • Jax

    I wonder what happened in Italy. Why did Windows Phone numbers go down when Italy is their best performing European market?

  • Just Dan

    Overall Microsoft is doing very well in all markets even in those in decline so things are looking really good for them. If they continue bringing in new features to mobile more people will turn to Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Hayden

    Numbers will only go up from here and Android is going to lose more percents in the following 2-3 months. With Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550, things will get a lot better for Microsoft.

  • Tyler

    While Android is still leading by a large margin, people are starting to turn to Windows 10 Mobile. I don’t know if people will abandon Android completely in the future, probably not, but I’m thinking a 25% share for Microsoft in almost all countries is achievable in the next 18 months.