Tablet Shipments Declined By A Massive 14.7% In Q1 2016

Windows Tablets Success

Is that an opportunity opening up for Microsoft? Or other PC makers on that count? Because according to IDC, the tablet market is shrinking at a striking pace, registering a heavy drop this past quarter.

To the tune of 14.7%.

Of course, the first quarter of the year generally is not the best for manufacturers, but this time around the fact that consumers are losing interest in these devices is the reason behind this freefall. The research firm notes that major manufacturers recorded negative year-over-year growth.

Including the likes of Apple, Samsung and Lenovo.

In fact, only Amazon and Huawei were the ones to have a positive quarter.


Additionally, IDC forecasts that there may not be many new buyers for premium tablets like the iPad, and only repeat customers are now looking to buy them once their old hardware becomes obsolete.

Same is the case with midrange Android tablets, with hardware makers finding it hard to move devices powered by the world’s most popular mobile operating system — which still is a bit of a mess on tablets, truth be told.

As things stand, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo and Huawei make up the top 5 vendors, cornering a solid 57.4% of the market according to Q1 2016 shipment data.

The remaining manufacturers make up 42.6% of the 39.6 million tablets shipped in this quarter.

The forecast is still gold for Windows tablets and hybrids to make a mark in the industry, particularly on the enterprise side of things and in education. As long as Microsoft and friends see this as an opportunity to take market share away from both the struggling tablet platforms, iOS and Android.

What about you folks? Are you planning to buy a tablet this year? Will it be a Windows 10 affair?

Comment and let us know.

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  • Brooklyn

    Why would I buy another tablet? I rather save a bit more money and get a 2-in-1 laptop and have a laptop and a tablet. And the tablet is usually better in this combo.

    • Nick Bates

      Not to mention that you can find budget friendly hybrids for as low as $500 like the Dell Venue 7000 series. Hybrids will go down in pricing over time and will soon have a price tag that’s closer to a tablet’s.

  • Gary Grover

    Just got a Dell Venue and put Windows 10 on it. I bought the keyboard and mainly use it as a very portable laptop. Yesterday I purchased a similar setup to replace my wife’s Surface RT (because Microsoft doesn’t really support it any more and she really likes my setup)

  • Nathaniel

    I would get a tablet because it offers more mobility than a laptop but I do agree that hybrids are coming with drooling offers and people may tend to buy them over regular tablets.