Windows Phone Partner Sales Are Up, Gartner Data Shows

Industry analysis firm Gartner has published its latest breakdown of global smartphone sales for the second quarter of 2016, and Windows Phone finally has some good news.

Maybe even a glimmer of hope in all this.

And that is because Microsoft massively scaled back its mobile operations in a bid to make room for its hardware partners to sell more of their devices. The effects of this change are starting to show, and these OEM companies have seen some success.

At the same time, the overall Windows Phone market share continued to dip.

But according to Gartner, a total of 1.97 million units were sold during Q2 2016, with Microsoft’s hardware partners accounting for nearly 40% of the total platform sales — at 800,000 units. This was up from just the 100,000 sales that partners had to their name during the previous quarter.

So does this mean that the strategy is starting to work?

Perhaps, at first glance.

However, it is not all good news for Microsoft because overall Windows Phone sales collapsed by 76% year-over-year, with global marketing share falling from 2.5% to 0.6% in Q2 2016.

A chart:

gartner_mobile_q2_2016The only platform doing worse than Windows right now is Blackberry, with sales of BB OS powered devices falling to just 400,000 units. This comes in at a 0.1% share, down from 1.15 million units and 0.3% share a year earlier.

Overall, a pretty sad state of affair at the bottom.

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  • Jax

    This doesn’t matter at all. Windows 10 Mobile is almost nowhere to be seen so I don’t know if this will matter in the end.

  • Just Dan

    It’s not the phones that are the problem, it’s the Windows 10 Mobile that is not doing well. Why? Because Microsoft has no idea how to turn this around.

  • Brody

    From 100.000 to 800.000 is a great improvement but like everyone keeps saying, what does it matter? If the ecosystem is not in place, selling more phones makes no difference.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Businesses can have their own private app store for their employees. Noone can compete with that. NY city police LOVE IT, they are a better police force because of it. There is a place for Windows in mobile. It will never go away. It may not be in the consumer market… BUT I LOVE MY WINDOWS 10 MOBILE LUMIA 650! thinnest and best performing phone in existence. And with the anniversary update, its the cheapest phone with tap to pay! Available for $49 on Cricket! And plays any games with ease. (except pokemon go lol. unless you pirate) THE AWESOMENESS OF WINDOWS IS BEYOND ANY OF YOU. You just keep drinking the KOOL AID from the largest marketing company in the world. Alphabet.