Windows Phone Market Share Numbers Reveal Huge Declines -

Windows Phone Market Share Numbers Reveal Huge Declines

If you had any doubts about the severity of the Windows Phone market share declines, then these numbers should lay them to rest. The platform has basically tumbled in the past year.

Huge dips have been reported in almost all markets for Microsoft’s mobile OS the last few quarters.

And this latest report from Kantar, covering the three-month period ending July 2016 versus the same period in July 2015, shows that the collapse continues — substantially higher than before and particularly in Europe.

Which we all know has been the top market for the platform.

Here is the chart:

kantar_mobile_september_2016Germany, for example, has Windows Phone dipping by 5.3% in this period to end up to 4.8%, while buyers in the United Kingdom saw to a 5.3% decline to leave the OS at 4.3%. France is no different, with a negative of 7.7%.

However, the biggest drop was experienced in Italy that saw it go down by 9.6%.

Microsoft’s mobile platform has also capitulated in Spain, losing 3.4% from the 4% mark the year before, ending up with a less than 1% market share.

All this led to Windows Phone pretty much losing its EU5 forte, collapsing 6.7% to end up at 4.2% in what was the most successful market for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The company just could not build upon the momentum there.

Slow performance has, once again, been recorded in the two biggest regions in the globe, US and China.

Statistics show Windows Phone dropping from 3.8% to 2.4% on home turf, while China also saw a drop of 1.3% to eventually settle at 0.2%.

Leaving Japan as the only market where Windows Phone has experienced growth. Here, the platform improved its standing by a miniscule 0.5% to reach 0.6% in another market that is dominated by Android with 64.6%.

But perhaps we’ll have more good news from here, as several companies have launched new handsets in Japan in recent months.

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  • Cooper T.

    Totally unexpected! Not! Everyone has gotten used to this. The question is: how much can these numbers go down until Microsoft gives up on its Windows Phone market?

  • Nick Johnson

    The problem is the duopoly between Apple and Google as far as apps go. People only care about apps and if Microsoft cannot figure out someway to quickly get people on board, no one is going to care. Microsoft has to improve brand recognition and get something out their that no one can refuse, otherwise people will just buy the other products because of the name and nothing more.

    • Jonathan

      I think Microsoft should hire you, Nick and maybe then they would have a better chance against Apple and Google. It just seems like they have no idea what they should be doing.

  • Jax

    Japan will probably be the only country where Windows Phone will be up for the foreseeable future.

  • AMRooke

    Please be aware that these statistics represent device sales only, and does not reflect market share of users, which has been fairly flat around 3% (50 million WP users) for several years. That said, eventually we will need to replace our devices, and if the OEMs haven’t picked up the slack from MS’s departure from phone hardware (future focus on enterprise), that would not be sustainable.

  • WillyThePooh

    Strange that MS saw the decline and no action at all. Looks like they are planning to let Lumia brand die. After that, what is their future plan?

  • petedebbs .

    Windows 10 mobile is brilliant i don’t understand why Microsoft will not sort out their apps the platform is at the best compared to ios & android i will always use a windows phone over the competition.