Microsoft Dodges Swiss Court After Making Windows 10 Privacy Changes -

Microsoft Dodges Swiss Court After Making Windows 10 Privacy Changes

Looks like the Windows 10 privacy related issues are starting to simmer down, after the last few changes Microsoft had made in this regard regarding improving data processing transparency.

Several countries, including France and Canada have issued warnings to the company for data collection.

And Switzerland was another, when in 2015, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commission initiated an investigation when it found Windows 10 not complying with Swiss data protection laws.

Fast forward to today, and it has been revealed that authorities in Switzerland will not take Microsoft to court after the software titan agreed to adopt recommendations for improving data processing transparency for its Windows 10 operating system.

The issue centered around the “get going fast” option during installation in Windows 10

As you may be aware, selecting this choice automatically activated almost all data transfer and access processes and sent location details, browser and search history, keyboard entries and nearby WiFi networks automatically to Microsoft.

The Switzerland government investigations found that this data processing in connection with Windows 10 did not conform in every respect with the data protection legislation it had in place.

Since then, Redmond had agreed to a new privacy setup experience in its OS, while also announcing a new privacy dashboard.

As a result of these recent developments, the Swiss government agency has decided that there is no need for court proceedings, with the commission being assured that the modifications requested by the FDPIC will be carried out worldwide as part of the two Windows 10 software releases planned for 2017.

All’s well that ends in a well, I always say.

What do you think of the privacy changes Microsoft has made in recent months?


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  • Brandon

    Things are getting better privacy wise but we’re still not there yet. Governments needs to push bigger companies harder.

  • Perry Carson

    So Microsoft can react and change things if they are forced to, don’t they? It’s good to see these changes but I’m still not happy with how much data they and others keep collecting.