Windows Phone Market Share Continues Its Decline -

Windows Phone Market Share Continues Its Decline

Kantar is here with new Windows Phone market share data that reveals continued collapse for Microsoft’s mobile operating system in all major markets across the globe.

These statistics concern November 2016, and smartphone sales up until that month confirm that it is right about impossible to stop the heavy declines the platform is experiencing at the moment — even in countries and regions where it had good standing last year.

Starting things out in the Old Continent, Windows Phone dropped from its share from 5.1% to 2.7% in Germany, recording a decline of 2.4%.

While in the United Kingdom, it went down 7%, from 9.1% to just 2.1%.

And this was a market that some said was the second most important for Microsoft, maybe even the most important considering Redmond enjoyed more or less double-digit market share in the UK. But it, too, has declined to new lows.

Same is the case in France where Windows Phone dipped from 7.7% to 3.6%, and Italy where it lost 5.2% of the market to go from 9.2% to 4%. Meanwhile, Spain saw figures down to just 0.5% after the 1.4% drop experienced by the operating system in the country.

Overall, Europe experienced major decline, and in the EU5 market, Windows Phone collapsed 4.1% to sit at just 2.8% now.

For comparison’s sake Android leads the market with 72.4%, and iOS follows with 24.6%.

To round things up, Microsoft’s only managed to power 0.8% of the smartphones sold in its home market in November, meaning the platform dropped 1.5% from 2.3% it had to its name previously.

With the Surface Phone said to be around the corner, it remains to be seen whether Redmond is able to reignite interest in its mobile OS this year, and to what extent.

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  • Hayden

    I even wonder if Microsoft is following these declines? Will they ever do something about it?

    • Just Dan

      They don’t have time to waste on a sinking ship. They have a lot of places that need their attention and that can make them a lot more money than the Phone market.

  • Nick Bates

    I wonder if the Surface Phone will do something for Microsoft. Will it sell well?