Download Windows 10 Build 15025 ISO Files

As promised, Microsoft has made available Windows 10 build 15025 ISO files, which was released to the Fast rings earlier this week. Just in time for the second and final Bug Bash for the Creators Update, too.

This is the latest version of the preview for PCs that arrived two days back.

And was promised as the version in question for the Bug Bash that has just gotten underway.

This release actually makes it the second release of Insider Preview ISOs in a row that have been published without the build first being offered to the Slow ring. The first to break away from this tradition was build 15002, obviously.

Not that many people are complaining, of course.

Slow ring releases are important too, but Redmond has the Bug Bash to take care of now, as well as have Insiders test out the new Windows 10 OOBE setup experience that it has now implemented in the operating system.

But the bigger deal today is the final Bug Bash for the Creators Update that not only gets underway today, but also focuses on build 15025.

Goes without saying that Microsoft naturally wants to make it accessible to as many Insiders as possible. There are sure to be quests that involve the new setup experience, so a clean install would help users in testing it out, too.

Ready to download these files?

Point your browsers to this link to do so.

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  • Daniel Gray

    Sorry your link leads to a page that wants you to sign in as a Microsoft insider (which I am) and yet even after signing in there are NO links to download this.

    Nice try on the trick.

    • Don L. Dewiel

      After third attempt, the page finally opened as it should, with Download- Version choices. Receiving mine now.

      • Daniel Gray

        Sorry but I AM A microsoft insider and have been for over 3 years. and I just finished my 5th attempt to get this, and it wont let me in. And I am using the same link as the story tells me to try. Thank God I already have a copy as if I depended on this I would still be running windows 7 or 8

        • Onuora Amobi

          I used the link just fine. Who knows?

          • Daniel Gray

            All I know is that it keeps telling me that I must be an insider, and I have been one for over 3 years. And I can log in and see everything the insider is suppose to see, just not this.