PCs To Become More Expensive

Ah, economics! As strange as it sounds, good old PCs are now expected to become more expensive going forward, even as the industry struggles with slowdowns in sales.

The number of buyers is continuously dropping with each passing quarter.

Throw in the shortage of components and parts, like memories, batteries and displays, and the general forecast is that all types of PCs may become more expensive, no matter the form factor — from desktops and laptops to 2-in-1s and perhaps even Windows based tablets.

This is what Lenovo, one of the largest PC makers in the world, expects.

Speaking at a recent event, Gianfranco Lanci, corporate president and COO at Lenovo explained that dropping demand is tied to bigger prices in 2017.

And in order to cope with declining sales in the last few years, and the situation not expected to get better in the coming future, most hardware makers are trying to increase prices in order to maintain profit margins.

Even as the most recent report from IDC sees a trend of stabilizing growth.

The research firm revealed that the worldwide sales of traditional PCs like desktops, notebooks and workstations reached 70.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2016, it nevertheless represented a decline of 1.5% year-on-year.

Lenovo continues to be the number one PC maker in the world with 15.6 million units sold in Q4 2016, while HP was a close second with 15.2 million.

Dell slotted in third place with 11 million.

Other OEMs like Apple and ASUS both saw declines during the quarter, losing 0.9% and 11.3% respectively, with sales dropping to 5.2 million and 5.1 million units respectively.

At this point it is hard to imagine what kind of an impact a price rise across the board will have on the struggling PC market, but most manufacturers are expected to boost the prices of their hardware as soon as this spring.

PCs To Become More Expensive was last modified: February 17th, 2017 by Fahad Ali

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  • Brody

    If they want to sell less and less devices than that’s exactly the way to do it. Why wouldn’t they try to reduce prices and sell more?

    • WillyThePooh

      Reduce price will mean the performance will drop further. A lot of people already complain the low end PCs are not powerful and fast enough to complete their daily tasks. Further drop in performance will not generate sale.

  • Arianna Morris

    While I understand they are trying to make a profit this is definitely not the way to do it. Prices are already pretty high on most devices so increasing them even further is a huge mistake.