Windows 10 Creators Update Hides A Secret Ad Switch

Houston, we have a problem! Or rather, the Netherlands has a problem, as a Dutch consumer watchdog has issued a warning on Windows 10, claiming what they believe is a sneaky ad setting.

One that is not enabled by default.

Microsoft is, of course, tweaking the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update to address many of the recent privacy complaints that have been made public. The operating system basically comes with an improved OOBE that provides users with better control over their data when installing the update.

That short for out of the box experience!

However, Consumentenbond, a Dutch consumer group has discovered an ad setting that Redmond has packed in, rather sneakily, they say. It is not visible by default, and leads to personalized ads to be displayed on Windows 10 devices.

This option, according to them, is only visible when scrolling down, as you can see in the image below:

The idea being that when setting up the Windows 10 Creators Update, users are provided with several options during the process to configure the privacy level in the operating system. This hidden setting, though, only shows up when hovering the mouse on the right screen.

Which then triggers a scroll bar to be enabled, scrolling down which reveals an ad option that lets apps use advertising ID to make ads more interesting to you based on your app usage.

The Dutch consumer group wants:

“Microsoft should let users enable advertising tracking on their PCs. Allowing users to see an option that’s enabled by default is equal to legal consent and is just as valuable as a signature on a contract.”

Fairly reasonable concerns!

Interestingly, Microsoft has already responded to the organization, explaining that these claims were made after installing a preview version of the Creators Update, and that it plans to continuously keep improving the privacy settings in Windows 10.

Consumentenbond, meanwhile, says that the software giant only has a few weeks to implement a better privacy solution here, given that the Creators Update is right around the corner.

Any thoughts on this, folks?

Windows 10 Creators Update Hides A Secret Ad Switch was last modified: March 16th, 2017 by Fahad Ali

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  • Perry Carson

    Sneaky Microsoft is at it again. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have been removed if this consumer group wouldn’t have noticed it.

  • WillyThePooh

    I do not see any hiding. The font is the same as other options and it is readable. It is the responsibility of the users to scroll down and read through before accepting. However, a lot of users just click through and want to finish the updates faster. Nowadays. people like to make their own ignorance become other people’s fault.