Microsoft Increases Windows Phone Market Share In Europe

The Windows Phone market share story sure comes with its ups and down, but luckily after the downward trend of last year, the platform is showing signs of life in the Old Continent.

These numbers from Kantar for the three month period ending in January 2015 shows that things finally picked up in a few markets in Europe. Sure, a few other countries achieved rather poor results, meaning Microsoft still has a lot of work to do to put up a good show in this region.

United Kingdom is one of the more important markets for Windows Phone, and the platform actually lost 1.7% of its users here — ending with a 7.4% overall share of the slice.

Things weren’t much better in Italy and Spain either, as the platform tanked 3.7% and 3% respectively.

It now powers 13.2% and 10.4% of devices in these two countries.

However, Windows Phone saw a welcome uplift in France where it now holds an almost solid 13% of the market, improving its share by a solid 3.5%. Things can scale up fast now that the platform is comfortably in double figures here.

Same is the case in Germany, with a 2.1% gain and 8.9% overall. Australia 3.5% and 8.7%.

Overall, though, Microsoft would be hoping for a similar uptake in fortunes by the time Windows 10 for Phones is here. That new version might finally provide Redmond with an opportunity to challenge Android and iOS where it matters.

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