Surface 3 For Education Announced, Comes With 32GB Storage

Microsoft recently announced is Surface 3 tablet, which is basically a more affordable version of the premium Surface Pro 3 slate. This new device is currently in the preorder stage.

With shipments expected to begin in early May.

However, while we wait for that, Microsoft has announced a new version of the Surface 3. This new model is specifically aimed at the education sector — traditionally an important area for the Redmond based technology giant.

Conveniently dubbed Surface 3 for Education, this model comes with only 32GB of built-in storage, as opposed to the 64GB or 128GB offerings on the retail variants.

Presumably, this dip in storage was necessary for a lower price, however Microsoft is yet to disclose how much schools and educational institutes will have to pay to get the new tablet. However, it has announced a 10% discount on other models for those interested in purchasing the Surface 3.

So in essence, the tablet gets a tad more affordable for buyers.

And besides, Surface 3 already comes with plenty of extensible storage, thanks to support for microSD cards and OneDrive cloud storage. Besides, in theory, 32GB ought to be just about enough for simple documents and apps for teachers and educations.

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