Samsung Seeks HoloLens Partnership With Microsoft

Court cases, what court cases? A report claims that Samsung wants to use Microsoft’s HoloLens technology for new wearable devices, and the Korean company is now interested in a partnership.

Interesting, as both companies had somewhat of a rivalry going not so long ago.

But that’s all in the past now.

Both technology giants are collaborating on a number of projects right now, and chances are that a new partnership focused on HoloLens will soon be underway. This fairly reliable report by Korea Times claims that negotiations between both companies have already started.

Samsung, as some of you may be aware already has its own headset which it calls Gear VR, but with HoloLens the company is looking at the health industry.

A Samsung spokesperson said:

“By using HoloLens technology, for example, a doctor can check a patient’s health status via a three-dimensional (3D) virtual image. Also, the technology will promote 3D rendering and 3D printing industries, helping manufacturers to save costs.”

The Korean giant already has the knowhow to build new wearables utilizing a variety of sensors and chips, and Microsoft currently possesses a revolutionary technology.

And although Redmond has not, up until now, talked in detail about partnerships regarding HoloLens, it is easy to see how it would benefit from a collaboration with Samsung. This remain an unconfirmed report for now, but we are sure to learn more about deals like this, as we move closer to launch.

HoloLens is on track for availability later this year.

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