So this is the new default wallpaper for windows 10?

I’m trying to catch up on the events from the last week or so and I see that Microsoft have a new default wallpaper for Windows 10.

This image, which Microsoft is now calling “the hero image,” is meant to set the tone for the release.

That’s unfortunate. I really don’t like it.

Windows 10 Hero image default wallpaper

Windows 10 Hero image default wallpaper

I don’t like it for many reasons and I’ll share what those are.

It’s too dark

I’m not sure who thought that a dark montage would be fun and dynamic but this guarantees that the first thing people will look for is a way to replace this image.

Aesthetically, the default image should be pleasant and easy on the eye. This is not.

It’s not a calm image

It’s a little foreboding and bordering on sinister. This is an Operating System that is going out to hundreds of millions of civilians who aren’t gamers and goths. Windows should appeal to everyone.

This image doesn’t seem like an image that is very aesthetically calming.

Windows is also an enterprise product

I can’t see this as the default desktop on business PC’s. Administrators will be using Group Policy to replace this immediately. No executive I know would keep this on their desktop.

It’s a little too new age

There’s this thing that Microsoft tend to do sometimes. They seem to get excited and then overshoot the mark. An example was the Surface breakdancing commercials.

This for a business device.

I feel like this is kind of the same thing. Dynamic, ambitious, out there and a little too much.

and finally:

Windows users are really conservative

These are the folks who rejected tiles, freaked out about a Start Menu and hated ribbons. Windows users love Windows because it’s the most productive Operating System on the face of the planet.

Not because it has the most cool bells and whistles.

I really hope Microsoft really reconsider and do something a little less dark and more conservative.

Something that says Windows 10 is coming and is upbeat.

That’s me – what do you all think?

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