Windows 10 Tutorials 128 – Allow or Block Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Welcome to our series of Microsoft Windows 10 tutorials that help you understand the features of this new operating system by Microsoft.

This tutorial will show you how to allow or block cookies in Microsoft Edge.

A cookie is a small file which is stored in your computer and is generated by web page server (a computer which is running the web page).

That particular cookie is controlled by the web page server that created it and it will write data into it pertaining to users settings, history of activities on site etc., users profile, passwords etc.

Cookies are just a piece of information and as such are not the source of malware on your computer. They however, contain users profile information and security vulnerability may allow a hacker access of this information.

Then there are companies which sell Internet advertising based on your surfing habits stored in these cookies.

How to Allow or Block Cookies in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge app.
  2. Click on the More actions button in the top right corner and select Settings.
    Allow or Block Cookies in Microsoft Edge
  3. Scroll down the settings and click on View advanced settings button.
    Allow or Block Cookies in Microsoft Edge
  4. Under Cookies, select one of the three options to allow or block cookies.
    Allow or Block Cookies in Microsoft Edge
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