Windows 10 Tutorials 140 – Record and Take Screenshots Using Game Bar

Welcome to our series of Microsoft Windows 10 tutorials that help you understand the features of this new operating system by Microsoft.

This tutorial will show you how to record and take screenshots using game bar in Windows 10.

Game bar is the part of Game DVR feature offered by the XBox app in Windows 10. The Game bar includes icons for quickly opening the Xbox app, controlling background recording, taking a screenshot, recording a gameplay video, and accessing settings. The Game bar apps are controlled by the XBox app.

Even though Game bar is a feature of Xbox app, you can use Game bar to record and take screenshots of any app in Windows 10.

Record and Take Screenshots Using Game Bar

[su_note]Note: Game bar saves videos .mp4 format, and screenshots in .png format.[/su_note]

Record and Take Screenshot Using Game Bar:

  1. Open the app or game you want to record, press Windows + G keys combination to open Game bar.
  2. Check the Yes, this is a game box if prompted.
  3. To record the video, click the Red dot record button. Press the button again to stop the recording.
  4. Alternatively, press Windows + Alt + G keys combination to start recording the video and same key combination to stop recording the video.
  5. To take screenshots, press Windows + Alt + PrtScrn keys combination or click the Screenshot button.
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