Windows Phone US Market Share Dips, Now At Just 3%

The no flagship effect is taking its toll on Windows Phone, as the latest numbers from market research firm comScore show another decline for Microsoft’s mobile platform in the United States.

No big secret that Redmond has had it hard on home turf.

The US market has been slow to respond to Windows Phone, with sales in the country well behind what Android and iOS manage. This data for the three month period ending May 2015 compared to the standings three month ending January 2015 show a decline of 0.5% between the two dates.

And for a platform that already has a small market share, this is a significant amount.

More specifically, Windows Phone declined from 3.5% in the United States to an even 3.0%, retaining a distant third positon when it comes to mobile platforms in the country.

comScore Mobile US May 2015

Android is easily number one thanks to its 52.1% slice of the pie, though it is down 0.7%.

On the other hand, iOS is now second after increasing its share by 1.8% in this period, ending up with total figures of a very healthy 43.5%.

But no matter how you view proceedings, the biggest reason why Microsoft is losing users in the US is due to the fact that the company is yet to release a new flagship — in a market where buyers are much more interested in premium devices with advanced hardware capabilities.

That is why devices like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are best sellers in the US.

While Redmond has to make do by pushing the same flagships that it has been for the past few month, namely the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 1520.

Luckily, all that is set to change with the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile later this year, but fingers crossed it is not too late for the platform in United States, a market that is widely regarded as one of the most vital along with China.

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