Here Are The Top Markets For Windows Phone In June 2015

Guess which ones are at the very top, and which ones at the bottom? Actually, don’t do that, because as far as Windows Phone is concerned, very rarely do we get some big changes in market shares.

Yes, the platform as a whole still has around 3% of the worldwide market to its name.

And as far as the various regions go, Europe is still doing well for Microsoft, while areas like Japan, China and the United States are not doing as well. This is according to the latest data from Kantar released this morning, showing the recent performance of the Windows Phone platform.

A look at the numbers, first:

Kantar Mobile July 2015

Germany, as you can see, posted some real positive results.

For the three months period ending June 2015, Windows Phone recoded a market share of 10.5% in the country, which is up a solid 4.1% from the same period last year. Android, on the other hand, while continues to lead here, dipped 6.2% to drop at 75.1% overall in Germany.

In the United Kingdom, Microsoft’s mobile operating system powers 11.3% of the smartphones, a slight increase of 0.6%. In Italy, the dial goes to 14.2%, up 4.1%.

However, not all is rosy in Europe.

France, for example, dropped 1.9%, and only 8.7% of the devices sold in the local market were powered by Windows Phone. Same with Spain, a drastic drop of 4.5% to end up at only 3%.

Android still rules the roost in the United States, with a share of 66.1%, up 3.4% compared to the same period in 2014. Apple lost 2.3% of its users, with iOS eventually settling at 30.5% according to this data

While Windows Phone is far behind with 3.0%, though increasing its share by 1.1% overall.

Worth a mention that all this after the fact that Microsoft has not had any major new hardware releases for its mobile OS in the past year or two. The operating system is still holding its own for now, where possible, but Redmond would want a change in fortunes by the time Windows 10 Mobile comes along.

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