You Might Have To Wait Until 2020 For HoloLens Release

Although HoloLens has been in the public’s eyes since the start of the year, its final release date is something that is still under wraps. Microsoft has barely talked about it.

Stands to reason that hardware platforms like this require a fair amount of time to be refined and made ready for consumers — take the case of Oculus Rift, for example. But apparently, HoloLens is something that is still a distant reality for the general public.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spilled the beans in an interview with the BBC, saying that the first HoloLens V1 models will only be made available to developers in 2016.

And to consumers, much, much later.

If things go according to plan, end users might have a wait of another five years before the augmented reality headset is publicly released. Think sometime in 2020.

That is because Microsoft still has a few issues to fix before that — the prime one being the field of view. The way things are right now, the only way to make this device work properly is to look in the dead center of your vision.

The effects gets lose when the peripheral vision is used.

This is something that Redmond is currently focused on fixing, and wants to see developers make compatible software for the headset until the device is ready for general release.

What do you folks make of this?

Is this delay something that will help Microsoft in the long run? Or only make things more difficult for the company as other virtual reality and augmented reality players enter the field by then?

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