Patch Tuesday Brings 5 Critical Security Updates, 12 Total

Microsoft has initiated the rollout of the Patch Tuesday cycle of updates for this month, that being September 2015, and a total of 12 new security fixes are up for grabs.

Of the patches available, 5 are rated as Critical.

Redmond is fixing flaws in some of its most used software, with solutions like Windows, Office, the new Edge web browser and Exchange Server in line to receive these updates — meaning not only do consumers have a lot to look forward to, but IT managers and system administrators as well.

The five critical security updates, and the affected software are:

  • MS15-094 (Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer)
  • MS15-095 (Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Edge)
  • MS15-096 (Microsoft Windows)
  • MS15-097 (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Lync)
  • MS15-098 (Microsoft Windows)

Out of these, the MS15-097 bulletin is listed as the top install for users, and it fixes critical vulnerabilities not only on Windows Vista and Server 2008, but also Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

Plenty of people still running these solutions.

And worse yet, there are reports of this flaw being exploited in the wild, which allow the attackers to become administrators of the targeted machines. Needless to say, this one is mandatory, and everyone should install this fix as soon as possible.

Another recommended installation is MS15-094, which fixes critical security bugs in Windows and Internet Explorer.

As it happens every month, these updates are being delivered via the Windows Update feature in the operating system. So save your work and begin deployment and installation of these security bulletins as soon as you can in order to stay on the safe side.

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