ASUS Building Its Own Version Of HoloLens

ASUS, of all companies? Well, bring it, then! Admittedly, such a project is still in very early stages of planning, meaning the hardware giant is only pondering this right now.

But more competition in the VR and AR space is good.

Will drive innovation, if nothing else.

HoloLens remains one of Microsoft’s most exciting products, and every time the device makes an appearance at an event, it wows people. Of course, Redmond is currently refining the technology, and is actually yet to release a consumer version — which, it is said, is still a few years away.

A developer version will, however, retail for $3,000 and become available in early 2016, it was revealed.

However, it seems that other companies are actually keen on stepping into this field and develop their very own versions of the augmented reality glasses that could not only hit the market a fair bit sooner but at more affordable prices too.

In an interview with CNET, company executives confirmed that such a project is currently on the cards for ASUS.

Microsoft wants to start a new device category with HoloLens, and the software titan is keen on making the technology available for other manufacturers too. Which is to say that ASUS might actually work together with Redmond on this.

This is what Terry Myerson, the executive vice president for Windows said:

“Everything we’re doing in hardware, we do with the mind of how do we grow the Windows ecosystem. That is why we’re investing to create a category.”

Jonney Shih, ASUS chairman, on the other hand, suggested to wait and see on this, when asked whether the company was making its own version of HoloLens.

Provided this does take off, we may get some more details in 2016, which is when a device like this might make it to market. Of course, just how different it might be from HoloLens proper will depend on just how much technology and information Microsoft shares with ASUS.

Goes without saying, then, that exciting times are ahead.

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