Windows 10 training for small business

We have a new Windows 10 course out that focuses on Windows 10 Training for businesses.

As you all should know, Microsoft recently released their new Operating System Windows 10 and consumers are downloading it in droves.

Over 350 million people would have installed and played around with Windows 10.

While there are a lot of resources and websites dedicated to helping consumers understand the basics of Windows 10, there isn’t too much out there targeted at helping business owners understand the consequences of installing this software.

That’s where this course comes in.

If you are planning to roll this Operating System out to your business, this course is the one for you.

We answer some of the basic questions about the business value of Windows 10 and what it takes to implement Windows 10 in a small business environment.

This course gives guidance about

  • Windows 10 licensing, upgrades
  • the 12 month free period
  • Microsoft accounts
  • networking
  • backing up data
  • storage
  • peripherals
  • connecting to Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 10 security options (Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport)

and much more…

If you are deploying Windows 10 in your business and want a good foundational understanding of what this Operating System can do, you (or your IT people) need this course.

With over 80 training videos, this is the most comprehensive Windows 10 Business training course on the web.

OUR OFFER – This course retails for $250 but for we have partnered with Udemy and have reduced the price to the low price of just $25.00

This offer will not last long so you should probably get it now.

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