Analyst Says Microsoft Must Embrace Android Apps

The time has come, Android apps are a must have for Microsoft. Says a prominent analyst, with the view that apps developed for Google’s platform is what is needed for Windows Phone.

In order to save the platform.

Redmond has tried to address the lack of apps on Windows by bringing Android and iOS apps in the store, by basically allowing developers to port their solutions much more easily — however, both projects have slowed down and unlikely to debut any time soon.

What’s more, according to the chief, the concept of universal apps is now the number one focus for the company, with Nadella asking for more time.

But tech analyst Jeff Kagan does not believe in this approach, and was quoted as saying that Windows Phone is causing nosebleeds for Microsoft too often:

“I think after more than a decade of trying but getting their nose bloodied time and time again, Microsoft should consider this suggestion of supporting Android apps on the Windows Phone as a first step. If Windows Phone was a hit and was a viable third option, we wouldn’t even be thinking of this question.”

Another vote in the Android apps column.

Thing is, the vast majority of these apps are not exactly optimized for tablets, unlike iOS applications. And considering the fact how much weight Microsoft is putting behind Continuum and productivity, bringing native Android support will just leave these initiatives in the dust.

They will help on the phone side of things, sure, but what about Windows 10 on PCs and tablets?

Maybe the universal apps concept does need a little more time, as Satya Nadella said.

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