Path Windows Phone App To Be Discontinued

Another one bites the dust! Path has ended support for Windows Phone, becoming another big name in the long list of developers that have abandoned Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Joining companies like Chase Bank, Bank of America, Mint and Nectar recently.

It may not have been in the news, and that is because the company rarely updated its solution for Windows Phone.

Nokia actually announced the arrival of the official Path client back in mid-2013 when it launched the image focused Lumia 1020 smartphone with the fan favorite 41 megapixel camera. This being a social app, was a welcome addition to the ecosystem at that time.

It took another six months for the app to be released, but two years from now, Path has announced an end of the journey.

According to reports, Path sent out an email to its users revealing that it no longer plans to update its Windows Phone app and instead focus its efforts on the Android and iOS platforms:

“Thank you so much for your continued support of Path for Windows Phone. Unfortunately, we will be ceasing new updates for the Windows Phone version of Path starting December 31, 2015. This difficult decision was driven by our need to focus on delivering the best experiences possible on our most popular platforms, Android and iOS.

Most importantly, please know that your moments will always remain safe with us. If you have already installed Path on your Windows Phone, don’t worry – you can still use Path after December 31, 2015. However, we will be removing Path from the Windows Store on that date, so if you or any of your friends haven’t yet downloaded Path, please be sure to do so now.”

The sun sets on December 31, then.

As the email points out, the app will continue to function after that date, but instead of working towards creating a Universal solution for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the company has opted to abandon the platform altogether.

Oh well.

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