Windows 10 Mobile Interest Keeps The Platform Growing

Well, this is interesting! With Windows 10 Mobile right on the horizon, and release imminent, it appears that users are returning to the platform as it posted some curious numbers these past few months.

Curious in the sense that a decline was followed by growth.

Market research firm comScore provided these latest statistics showing that for the three-month period ending November 2015, Windows Phone ended up with a US market share of 2.8%. Android, of course, led the charts with 53.1% and Apple took its usual runner up position with 43.1% to its name.

But the fascinating thing is that while Windows Phone dropped 0.1% compared to the three-month period ending August 2015, it also increased 0.1% from the month of October.

comScore Mobile US November 2015

Basically, while the performance of the platform was below what it had in summer, it is actually slowly recovering thanks in no small part due to the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile set for this year.

People that had jumped shipped for one reason or another are returning.

Either that, or new users are ready to give the platform a chance now that Microsoft is due to release such a major upgrade like Windows 10 Mobile.

Of course, the company has only provided an early 2016 release as far as the rollout time frame of the new mobile OS is concerned, but aided by the fact that new manufacturers are also bringing to market their latest Windows powered smartphones, there is hope for the platform still on its home turf.

We’ll see how this interest holds.

Are you one of these fine folks above that made a return to the Windows Phone platform in the past few months? Or tried it for the first time in this timespan? Let us know.

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