Windows 10 Tablet Sales Skyrocket, As iPad Numbers Fall

Remember a time when people were laughing upon hearing Microsoft entering the tablet market? Well, Windows 10 tablets are the new toys in town that everyone wants these days.

Time surely has changed!

And not only are people more and more interested in buying slates powered by Microsoft’s new operating system, many are looking at these Windows 10 slates to replace their iPads — no wonder the sales of Apple iPads collapsed in 2015.

Not just leveled off, but recorded a major decline in the past few months.

According to the newest statistics offered by Strategy Analytics, iPad sales fell 25% in the last quarter, while the market as a whole dropped by 11%. Even Android powered tablets dipped by 7% during this time frame, though Apple was the most hit, losing 22% of its share in the process.

Windows tablets, however, saw their share increase by a substantially noteworthy 59%.

Analysts have a reason for this, and they believe that the lack of innovation from Apple is why iPad sales have collapsed. These devices have, of course, remained unchanged for quite some time.

Peter King, research director, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service:

“Apple suffered big setbacks this year as a lack of innovation during the last several years caught up to iPad sales. Instead, Apple has focused on its MacBooks, iPhone 6/6+, and Apple Watch releases. The launch of the iPad Pro failed to meet expectations during the quarter.”

Surface tablets on the other hand sold very well throughout the year, and various other Windows 10 powered slates also experienced success.

Eric Smith, senior analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service:

“More and more mobile and Tablets with Windows 10 can compete against iOS in the premium and high price bands and equally well against Android in the mid and lower price bands. The Q4 2015 launch of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book was met with many ‘Surface clones’ by Microsoft’s OEM partners at lower price points. This variety of devices will bolster momentum of Windows Tablets going forward.”

Excellent news for Microsoft, this, and even for Redmond hardware partners. They now have a new area that they can focus on growing and improving, and for consumers, this can only mean better devices.

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