Windows Phone Market Share Sinks To Just 1.1%

Everybody panic! Gartner are back with their latest numbers, revealing that the Windows Phone market share has dropped to new lows. More specifically, it now stands at just 1.1%.

Microsoft did hint at significant drops for its mobile business in the latest fiscal quarter.

And now the market research firm is backing that decline up, while also confirming that Microsoft only managed to move some 4.3 million units in Q4 2015 — considered by many to be the most important three-month period in a year.

What with the holiday shopping spree and all that!

Gartner Mobile 2015

While the report has bad news for Microsoft and Windows Phone fans, with the confirmation that the global market share of the mobile OS has further sunk, things aren’t too well for Apple either, as iPhone sales went down for the first time ever.

Android came up as number one with a humongous 80.7% slice of the pie, up from 76% in Q4 2014.

And iOS took the runner-up position with 17.7% in the same period, down from the 20.4% it had to its name last year. BlackBerry, for the record, came fourth with only a 0.2% share of the market, down 0.3% from last year.

That basically leaves both Microsoft and Apple looking for recovery in the coming months. While Apple is said to be planning to launch a new 4-inch iPhone next month to server as a more affordable variant of its premium devices, things are a bit more complex for Redmond.

While the software titan is believed to be working on a Surface Phone, a truly premium device that could compete with the iPhone and other top Android models, its hardware OEM partners have an equally important role to play here.

If the platform is to rebound, that is.

Luckily, companies like HP, HTC and Alcatel are in on the action and reportedly have new handsets in the pipeline. Remains to be seen whether they succeed or not, but now certainly is the time for action.

And just a little bit of panic.


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