Even Europe Is Moving Away From Windows Phone

Building on success. A concept that the Windows Phone team is in no mood to pursue, as the platform keeps collapsing even its top markets, where just a few months back it was steadily growing.


The Old Continent.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 Mobile last month after a really long wait, but if some thought that the mobile OS will rebound after the rollout of this latest version, these latest numbers from Kantar show that the platform is losing users almost everywhere.

Users in the European region have also started to jump ship.


Surprisingly, Italy registered the biggest drop here, with Windows Phone declining from 14.4% in the three-month period ending February 2015 to just 6.7% in February 2016 — which makes for a heavy decline of around 7.7%.

France was not much better, where Microsoft’s mobile OS dipped from 14.2% to 7.3%. Same was the case in Spain, where Windows Phone pretty much collapsed from 2.9% to just 0.9%.

Germany came in with a 1.9% percent collapse.

And overall, in the EU5 region, Windows Phone lost 4.2 percentage points, down from 10.1% a while back that lend hope for a potential increase to 20% in some markets.

That, obviously, seems impossible now, at least in the immediate future.

Just for the record, Windows Phone went down from 4.8% in the United States to 2.2%, and it only maintained its share of 0.9% in China.

Desperate times.

Without doubt.

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