Windows Phone Collapses To Just 0.7% Market Share

Well, this is it! This may well be the point of no return for the Windows Phone platform, unless somehow OEM partners manage to stir things up in the coming months.

And that is because Microsoft’s mobile OS is now at 0.7%.

This is the current global market share of Windows Phone according to Gartner, for the first quarter of the year — down from the recorded figures of 2.5% in the same quarter of 2015. All due to the uncertainty regarding the future of the platform.

This is BlackBerry level, truth be told.


Android continues to lead, and lead handsomely at 84.1%, followed by iOS with 14.8%.

BlackBerry is fourth with 0.2%.

In terms of sales, Microsoft sold 2.3 million handsets in this quarter, which is still four times as many as what a certain Canadian mobile company managed. BlackBerry shipped only 659,900 devices during this time frame.

For comparison’s sake, 293 million devices were sold with Android on top during the same period, while around 51 million iOS powered handsets change hands.

Redmond, though, seems to have made things difficult for itself. The uphill climb now apparently hinges only on one product, the Surface Phone that is due next year. It is expected to be a revolution for the mobile industry, at least for the enterprise side of it, this new premium device.

As for the consumer side of things, Microsoft wants its hardware partners to carry the flag, but that too is getting difficult now considering the current state of the ecosystem.

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