Microsoft Claims Huge Gains In Azure Cloud Business

The Azure cloud platform is shining! If there is one area where Microsoft seems to have gained unstoppable momentum, it is in the ever-expanding cloud market.

Enterprises continue to change the way they buy IT products. Instead of purchasing an array of new servers every few years, more and more organizations now prefer to run their software and store their data on share public cloud infrastructure.

Like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Compute Platform — the three leading providers of corporate cloud services.

However, while Redmond has claimed huge wins for the Azure platform in the fiscal year that just ended, the earnings report only reveals that revenue doubled year over year.

Meaning, Redmond is not specifying actual dollar figures.

While for reporting purposes, the company does reveal the amount, Azure is lumped together with other products in a product segment that Microsoft has labeled “intelligent cloud”.

So, yes, the revenue of this business grew about 7% YOY for Microsoft, climbing $6.7 billion from around the $6.3 billion mark the previous year. But how much of that is Azure, as opposed to Windows Server or other products in the category remains unclear.

However, CEO Satya Nadella did highlight the hybrid cloud model that Microsoft offers, and its immediate competitor AWS does not.

This is the ability to mix and match for a company, which enables it to run an application either on its own Azure cloud or its own data center, letting organizations keep some key apps under their own roof.

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