Netflix And Hulu Universal Apps Show Up On The Xbox One

Full stream ahead? Things have been steadily progressing on the universal apps front for the Xbox One, and today we have news that a bunch of new UWP applications have made an appearance.

On the console.

Microsoft had promised that the Xbox One would be able to run universal Windows 10 apps by this summer, and with the changing of the season almost upon us, so are the applications, it seems — which should be excellent news for fans and users.

We have already seen one app running on the unit, and now more apps from the Windows Store are jumping onboard the gaming platform.

New additions to the list include big names like Netflix, Hulu, MSN Weather and the popular podcasting app that goes by the name of Cast. That said, the latter is the only app that can be downloaded right now from the store without getting an error, but even this one is in preview form.

Meaning, it does suffer from unexpected crashes and whatnot.

But this is clearly something that Redmond will improve in the coming weeks and months, as we move closer to the launch of the major update for Xbox.

If you are interested in checking these out, you can find these applications under “Ready to Install” in the “My games and apps” section. After, of course, downloading the apps in question on your PC first so that they show up as owned in the Windows Store.

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