The HP Elite x3 Is The World’s First 3-In-1 Device

The company is calling the HP Elite x3 a 3-in-1, creating a new device category in the process for this highly anticipated Windows 10 Mobile smartphone aimed at professionals and power users.

While this device has been in the news for the better part of a year now, we are finally nearing release.

HP confirmed not too long ago that a global rollout of the handset will begin by the end of July, and right along the company also announced US bundles for the Elite x3 with accessories like the Desk Dock to be available on August 29.

And now the hardware giant has confirmed that it will begin selling the Windows 10 Mobile device at the online store on as early as September 5:

“The US website is one of many channels we use for our commercial solutions. So the August 29th date is accurate. But for the US site, orders will begin on September 5.”

The company has, obviously, opened preorders for the Elite x3 in various markets already, including the UK, Sweden, Australia.

And it is betting on a brand new category, dubbed 3-in-1 that it hopes will be further validated when Microsoft launches the Surface Phone.

When plugged into the app virtualization backend that HP has created for the Elite x3, the handset becomes the first device that has been consciously engineered to function as a smartphone, a notebook via the HP Mobile Extender, and a real PC thanks to the app virtualization technology.

Which, in fact, allows businesses to run their Win32 apps via Windows 10 Mobile Continuum.

This allows HP to position this handset to both large enterprises and midsized companies that want to leverage this new category.

We should have a better idea of how this new kind of device fares with business customers in the coming weeks and months, but this really is an exciting development for the Windows 10 Mobile operating platform.

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