Microsoft Browsers Continue To Fall Behind Google Chrome

The browser landscape certainly has seen more interesting days! Because as things stand, Google Chrome is now just running away with the prize, leaving Microsoft browsers far behind.

Of course, the fact that there are now two Microsoft browsers complicates things.

And while Chrome has been in ascendency for a while now, the confusion that arose with the arrival of Microsoft Edge as the default choice on Windows 10 really gave it the push it needed — the growth of this browser really has not been proportionate to the growth of the new operating system.

In fact, as these statistics from Net Applications show, Edge simply maintained its market share from June 2016, gaining no users but not losing them either.

But Chrome, on the other hand, is speeding away, now with 50.95% of the market, followed by good old Internet Explorer, which is listed with 29.60%.

netapplications_browser_august_2016IE has been on a continuous decline these days, and one reason for that is the fact that Microsoft is not developing new features for this browser, and only focusing on bug fixes and security patches.

Live support, in other words.

Speaking of features, though, Microsoft Edge is all set to receive a whole bunch of new features in the upcoming Anniversary Update for the operating system, including support for extensions. Redmond would be hoping that more users give it a try then.

If they do, then Edge certainly has a shot at overtaking Firefox real quick, which itself is running on just around 8.12% of the desktop PCs out there.

Edge, with its share of 5.09%, same as June, could go past this with a little luck.

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