Notebook Shipments Healthier, Says TrendForce

Are people making a return to laptops, after dabbing with tablets and hybrids? Sure seems like so, as notebook shipments are now back to a somewhat healthier state.

This despite the fact that the second half of the year, which is traditionally assumed to be a peak in shipments, is expected to be weaker than usual.

Point being, it’s not all milk and honey for notebook makers, but things are holding steady.

These are the highlights of a new report by market analysts TrendForce, which confirms that the total number of notebook shipments for the first half of 2016 hit 74.18 million units. While this represents a decline of 4% compared to the year before, this is still seen as a healthier state.

According to TrendForce notebook analyst Anita Wang:

“Notebook sales usually enter the peak period during the last six months of the year. For this year’s second half, however, branded notebook vendors will be facing shortages and price hikes for numerous key components. This will create pressure that limits their abilities to promote their products.

For instance, South Korean panel makers have announced that they will be scaling back or ceasing the production of high-definition twisted nematic LCD panels (HD TN panels). These panels are used in the displays of mainstream notebook products, and their prices are now in an upswing on account of the suppliers’ plans. Additionally, prices of both DRAM and NAND Flash have gone up entering the third quarter. Rising component costs will constrain the sales momentum of notebooks, resulting in an unavoidable decline in annual notebook shipments.”

So the impact will be felt, nevertheless.

It’s either volume shipments or prices, hard to have it both ways.

Hopefully the upswing in prices is not too much, and does not, in turn, affect the sales. But then again, the industry has been through these phases multiple times in the recent past. It will adjust.

And with September usually marking the beginning of a new cycle, when consumers upgrade and restock their notebooks with the new school year approaching, there is a chance that these devices will see better sales in this upcoming quarter.

Fingers firmly crossed!

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