Sony PlayStation Neo Could Be Unveiled Next Month

Talk about a head start! Sony’s answer to the Project Scorpio, a new model of the PlayStation console codenamed Neo, is reportedly getting an announcement event on September 7.

To be held in New York City.

Microsoft, of course, launched its Xbox One S gaming console that was first unveiled at E3 2016, last week, and this allowed the company to once again lead the gaming narrative — a position it had not enjoyed since the runaway success of the PlayStation 4.

However, it does not appear that this lead will last long for Redmond.

As according to this report, Sony is now expected to unveil the upgrade to its PlayStation 4 console next month that will also pave way for support for 4K TV sets, as well as PlayStation VR, the company’s own virtual reality platform.

While it is not exactly clear whether the PlayStation Neo will support true 4K gaming, as while this new unit is expected to be much more powerful than the Xbox One S, it does lack in prowess to handle 4K.

sony_playstation_4_neo_powerThis recently leaked internal slide above pens the Neo as 2.3 times the FLOPs count of the PlayStation 4, which puts it at about 4 teraflops.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is targeting 6 teraflops of computing power for Project Scorpio, which has afforded it the ability to tout it as the most powerful console ever built.

That it may be, but the fact that it will not ship until the 2017 holiday season, does give Sony around a year to cement its place.

Will that be enough to further amplify its lead, only time will tell.

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