Vulkan Developers See DirectX 12 As The Right Choice For Some

Isn’t it great when everyone gets along! If you’re into gaming, you may be familiar with the Khronos Group, which is the developer of Vulkan, their new API that competes with DirectX 12.

This nonprofit consortium was founded back in 2000 with the goal of creating open standard APIs, and counts ATI, NVIDIA and Intel among its ranks.

Vulkan was released some five months back, and is quite similar in conception to Microsoft DirectX 12 in how it is focused on reducing driver overhead and CPU load. But its main difference being the fact that it is fully cross-platform, unlike DirectX 12 that is exclusive to Windows 10.

vulkan_membersNow, with the recent success of the Redmond offering, Vulkan is fighting an uphill battle in trying to take on DirectX 12, which now has been unified to work on both the Windows PC and Xbox environments.

But in an interview, the developers at Khronos Group said that they have not found it hard to fight the interest in DirectX 12, because they are not really trying to combat anything.

If anything, their goal is to make a great API that can run on all modern hardware and platforms, because that is what the market needs right now:

“DX12 is a fine API and it will be the right commercial choice for some developers addressing a certain set of platforms. It may not be good for readership ratings to say this – but I think the ‘API wars’ are often overblown – developer choice in APIs is a good thing.

Additionally, I think that over the years, healthy competition between Direct3D and OpenGL has been a positive incentive for both families of APIs to improve – which ultimately is good for the developer community. But, if you look at the industry as a whole, it is a healthy thing to have the choice of a graphics API that is not being defined by a single platform vendor, as it provides an avenue for API innovation that is independent of the underlying platform dynamics of the day.”

Neat public.

It will be interesting to follow both Vulkan and DirectX 12 closely, in how these two technologies are adopted by the gaming industry.

Early days for both, but then again, it does not take much to set things in one direction these days!

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