Windows 10 No Longer A Recommended Update Now

Well, it had to happen! Microsoft’s big Windows 10 upgrade push has now finally come to an end, and the new OS is no longer offered as a recommended update on Windows 7 and 8.1.

The Get Windows 10 app is not gone yet, though.

And in fact, the company is still keeping doors open for free upgrades for users that want to avail the promotion, via a trick or two. But the important thing is that the software titan is no longer pushing the new OS aggressively to all users to install on eligible systems.

With the free promotion now ended, Redmond really has no need for such a tactic.

Microsoft previously offered Windows 10 as a recommended update for users through Windows Update, meaning every time someone wanted to patch his computer or update their PC, the new OS was automatically selected.

Which is to say that the necessary installation files as well as all the other items to begin deployment of Windows 10 were downloaded together.

The only thing that was left to the user was initiating the installer.

Now, though, that phase has come and gone, and those of that want to stick with Windows 7 or 8.1 for one reason or another, can do so with a peace of mind.

Of course, the Get Windows 10 app remains in the picture, but it only shows that the free upgrade window has ended. It can be removed by uninstalling KB3035583, but chances are that Microsoft will remove it itself anyway some point in the future.

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