Windows Holographic Shell Coming To All Windows 10 PCs Next Year

That’s the way to further the HoloLens plans, Microsoft! The software titan has made the important strategic decision of bringing a Windows Holographic Shell to all PCs next year.

Windows 10 powered PCs, that is to say.

This follows the trajectory Redmond outlined when it announced a few months back that it would open up Windows Holographic so that OEMs can create and build devices at lower price points and with bigger fields of view on top of this platform.

And now Terry Myerson is here with all the news, along with a video demo of the Windows Holographic Shell and what it’s all about:

Quite an impressive showcase!

Essentially, this bit of code is one of the parts of what Microsoft and Intel have been working on together for a combined mixed reality effort. This will apparently be released later next year.

Intel has, of course, been working on its own solution, the Project Alloy virtual reality headset, which will work with the Shell and is due to be released in December 2016 at the scheduled Microsoft WinHEC event in China.

Similar to HoloLens, Project Alloy makes use of completely wireless technology, and has all the cameras, sensors and input controls built-in to what is an all-in-one device.

And it is quite capable too, when it comes to hardware, with head-tracking input support, as well as a full 1080p camera, an infrared camera and lasers.

When Intel get down to something, they really are good at it.

So is Microsoft, with the Windows Holographic platform, and it being included in all Windows 10 PCs is a massive first step towards popularizing this concept of mixed reality.

How do you see this?

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