HP Elite x3 Desk Dock Works With Any Continuum Enabled Phone

That’s good news. HP Elite x3 is finally leaving store shelves, as Microsoft Store started selling the flagship in the United States this week, after a rather lengthy wait.

Rumors about this device had been swirling since last year, and even the launch was not free of confusion. But the premium handset is now shipping with its Continuum Desk Dock that allows users to connect the phone to a big screen for a lightweight desktop experience.

Complete with a keyboard and mouse.

Speaking of the dock, this is very similar to the Continuum Dock that Microsoft itself designed for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and it relies on a USB-C connection to connect to phones that have the Continuum feature built in.

But if you have been wondering whether this universal port allows any Continuum enabled Windows 10 Mobile handset to connect, then the answer is yes.

Several phones from Microsoft, Acer and NuAns have been tested, and the Continuum experience on the Desk Dock HP has designed works well on all handsets. Except the Lumia 950 for some odd reason, which is a bit surprising.

And this, nevertheless, is good as the HP Desk Dock has a slightly more premium look than the Microsoft Display Dock. Besides, it works as a holder for the phone, unlike the Microsoft creation that is a simple box with a USB-C port on the front to plug in the handset, along with a cable.

There are a few hardware changes here, though.

Redmond packed in both DisplayPort and HDMI AV connectors on its dock, while HP only went with the DisplayPort. But the Desk Dock does come with a RJ-45 port for a more stable Internet connection.

So for those of you that are in the market for a cheaper Continuum option might want to go with the HP Desk Dock that can be bought separately for $99.

This should come in real handy, as Microsoft has promised several new features and abilities for Continuum in the next update for Windows 10 Mobile, dubbed Redstone 2.

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