NatWest Windows 10 Mobile Launches With Continuum Support

Miracles do happen! British bank NatWest has launched a Windows 10 Mobile app, at a time when several companies, particularly those involved in finance and retail, are retiring their applications.

Case in point, companies like Amazon, PayPal, Domino’s Pizza, Amtrak, and eBay.

This is essentially an update to the Windows Phone version of the app, but the UK-based bank has refreshed its solution for the latest version of the mobile OS — while at the same time adding support for features like Continuum.

Meaning, it is possible to plug in your handset to an adapter and connect it to an external display in order to enjoy the banking services offered by NatWest on a bigger screen.


This is how they describe this new arrival as:

“The NatWest Mobile Banking app is available to NatWest Personal and Business customers with Online Banking, who are over 11 and have a UK mobile number starting with 07. Once you’ve downloaded the app registering is simple, all you need to hand is your Online Banking customer number, PIN and password to get access straight away.”

Good to see this.

Developers standing behind the platform even when Windows 10 Mobile has dipped below the 1% market share threshold. Companies like these do not see a reason to abandon the platform when they still have users, and continue to improve their apps.

Goes without saying that if you are a NatWest customer on Windows 10 Mobile, then be sure to check out this new app and download it from the Windows Store link below.

Download: NatWest

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