Several Updates Arrive For Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has released a whole range of cumulative updates for Windows 10 that refresh the operating system, while Windows 10 Mobile also received some update attention.

All three versions of the desktop OS are in line for these updates, part of the Patch Tuesday cycle.

The new Windows 10 cumulative updates are KB3192440 (for the original RTM version), KB3192441 (for version 1511) and KB3194798 (for 1607/Anniversary Update), and all three can be installed right now via Windows Update.

More specifically, build 14393.321 is available to PCs and phones on the Anniversary Update, and it brings improvements to Bluetooth and the storage file system, and addresses several issues related to printer drivers, sign-ins, WiFi, high CPU usage as well as security updates for Edge and IE.

Those running computers with Windows 10 version 1511, also known as the November Update, will see build 10586.633.

This one brings minor improvements, like improving the downloading of apps from the Store, better reliability for Internet Explorer, but fixes a number of issues and amps up security.

And finally, while most people have upgraded from the Windows 10 RTM version, some businesses are still running it. These PCs will get build 10240.17146.

It basically improves reliability of the Windows GDI (graphics driver interface), addresses a number of reported issues with networking and revised daylight saving time, and adds security improvements.

Cumulative updates, of course, allow users and IT admins to bring any system fully up to date simply by installing the latest release, meaning deploying any of these will get you all the fixes and improvements that Microsoft has released so far.

There are a large number of improvements here overall, including several for Windows 10 Mobile.

Hopefully, Redmond tested these well, and users don’t experience installation or stability issues after deploying these cumulative updates.

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