Windows Phone Loses More Ground

Seeing Windows Phone lose ground and drop market share is not exactly surprising, considering Microsoft seems much less interested in the mobile OS this year.

However, statistics have their own charm — revealing the numbers as they happen.

Well, this new set of statistics provided by Kantar shows us at how Microsoft’s mobile platform has performed these past few months. Very much confirming a large decline versus the 2015 sales figures Windows Phone raked up.

The operating system basically lost share points in nearly every single market.


As these numbers show, there is basically no market where Windows Phone increased its score. So much so that it even lost ground in China, where according to Kantar it now has a share of 0 percent.

Hard to believe, but true.

Thing are a bit better in the United States, but Windows Phone is finding it difficult there too. It has declined 2.0% in its home territory, going from 3.9% to 1.9%. Android, too, lost ground in the US, which saw iOS scoring a substantial growth of 5.2%, thereby reducing the gap between its rival platform.

Further comparing these numbers from 2015 shows that the standing in Germany is now at 3.3%, UK has seen a collapse to just 3.6% back when it was close to breach the double figure mark.

Drops in France and Italy further contributed to a total decline of 5.6% for Windows Phone in the EU5 region, and this is all that more troubling because Europe was turning out to be a pretty hot market for the mobile OS not too long ago.

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