Analyst Believes HoloLens AR Will Not Take Off For 2 More Year

We’ve come a long way since the official announcement of HoloLens, a timespan which has seen several other companies join the VR, AR and mixed reality, what have you, fields.

And although Microsoft has taken it slow when it comes to setting expectations for this brand-new side of the market, it appears that things are progressing at an even slower pace as far as the AR technology going mainstream is concerned.

In fact, one analyst has downgraded HiMax, a Microsoft HoloLens supplier, stating that augmented reality is likely not to be ready for 12-24 more months.

The technology essentially is failing to deliver in the short or immediate terms:

“We believe the AR revenue ramp investors were expecting will likely not materialize in 2017 as AR devices such as MSFT’s HoloLens are still in the developmental stage as companies work to improve the Field of Vision in devices. Consumer AR devices will likely not be ready for another 2 years in our opinion given technological complexity and costs associated with AR.”

These are the views of Senior Research Analyst, Anthony Stoss from the Craig Hallum Capital Group, who believes that the AR technology is not developing as quickly as expected.

As a result, he has downgraded HiMax shares to Hold from Buy, and cut the targeted prices of shares from $10 to $7.

A similar concern has also been expressed by Tom Sepenzis of Northland Capital Markets:

“We believe that this will limit the number of new AR devices for the next 12-24 months, and put HiMax at further risk of losing its customers to new technologies that may arise to deliver more cost-effective see through displays. We believe that all of the major AR offerings from Google, Microsoft, Apple and others will remain on the drawing board throughout CY17, with new attempts delayed until CY18/19.”

HoloLens, of course, remains in development stage at Microsoft, though.

However, the company recently announced that its OEM hardware partners will be manufacturing Windows Holographic headsets at affordable prices. So, perhaps this is where Redmond is currently focused on as it continues to refine its augmented reality technology.

What do you make of all this?

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