ARM Opens x86 Support On Its Chips To All Manufacturers

Everyone can jump in now, then? Even Samsung and Apple? This could be either really good, or really bad, depending on perspective, but x86 support is no longer a luxury now.

The mobile world is going through quite an upheaval in recent months, what with Intel dropping out of the race, new 10nm processors being unveiled, Qualcomm announcing Windows 10 on its Snapdragon chips, and now ARM itself confirming that anyone can license its x86 technology.

Basically, licensing for running Windows on ARM based processors is now no longer restricted.

ARM executives clarified this after Qualcomm recently claimed that it will be the only ARM partner that will support x86 apps on its platforms.

However, ARM says that not only Qualcomm, but any other manufacturer will be able to run x86 apps on its processors — whether that be Samsung, Apple or Huawei. The company plans to give permissions to anyway.

This practically means even more bad news for Intel, as users will be able to do more and accomplish even more intensive tasks on their gadgets, with requiring desktops and notebooks.

In fact, Apple has also been looking at its own A-series chips to replace the low-power Intel Core M solutions from the chip giant, so this freedom will open up new possibilities for the Cupertino based hardware company.

It may be just the start, but things could well get a bit messy now on the hardware front.

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