Leaked Screenshots Provide Tons Of Surface Phone Details

The leaks are running high in 2017! The year is barely a day old, but news about upcoming Microsoft hardware keeps on coming. Surface Phone has come into focus now.

We got tons of new details on this mythic handset that is set to launch sometimes this year.

And now, a bunch of leaked Windows 10 Mobile screenshots are providing new information and hints on what the Redmond is preparing for the future of its mobile operating platform — and by that consequence, the Surface Phone.

These screenshots come from a familiar source, and reveal several upgrades and enhancements for a number of features, from Web Payments to View 3D.

To start things off, the company has added the Microsoft Wallet service to its mobile OS, allowing users to enter their financial details in order to facilitate web payments and more efficiently send payments to retailers.

Reading List is another interesting feature that makes a neat list of stuff that a user would like to read on the internet but do not have time for.

Which brings us to the Settings app, and this side of the mobile OS has received significant overhauls. The overall UI is much more streamlined than before, displaying the content in a more efficient manner.

View 3D has also made the cut today, and this feature not only allows users to view 3D content but also record it on their mobile devices. A very welcome addition to the, this.

On top of all these refinements, the Surface Phone is also expected to feature x86 compatibility that will definitely give the handset a leg up over the competition. One can hope that the soon to be released Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip that powers the device is up to running performance intensive tasks.

Your thoughts on all this?

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