New Windows 10 Updates Coming Today

Today is another glorious Tuesday, the second of the month. And that can mean only one thing. That Microsoft is ready to unleash new Windows 10 updates as part of its Patch Tuesday initiatives.

This will be the first such release for 2017, the January one.

The software titan is expected to publish new cumulative updates specifically aimed at Windows 10 users, those running the various versions of the operating system — version 1607, the Anniversary Update, version 1511, the November Update, and, of course, the initial, RTM version.

That launched in July 2015.

As a result, three different cumulative updates will go live today, bringing improvements and security enhancements not just to the OS, but also some of the apps that it comes with.

Obviously, since these will be cumulative updates, only fixes and other such performance improvements will be part of these updates. Do not hold out for new features and options, as these almost never come on Patch Tuesday cycles.

There is talk that Windows, Office and Internet Explorer will be getting a look this time around, and Redmond might launch anywhere from 1 to 4 installable packages.

The previous versions of the operating system will also get these updates under the new servicing model, with Vista being the only exception as it still continues to receive individual bulletin updates just as before.

System administrators are recommended to prepare for system reboots, as most of these cumulative updates require them.

Hopefully Microsoft also releases detailed changelogs, so those installing these updates get to find out exactly what these bring and what each update fixes.

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