No, LinkedIn Is Not Ending Support For Windows Phone App

Well, that’s a relief! News came out earlier today that LinkedIn was retiring its Windows Phone app, and the mobile application will not be supported come January 15.

False news, that be.

The discussion left many with more questions than answers — even if the app itself has been left stranded, and has not seen any updates for quite some time. In fact, it was originally designed for Windows Phone 8 and was last refreshed all the way back in December 2013.

In any case, users reportedly received emails inviting them to switch to the company’s iOS and Android apps, which took a lot of users by surprise considering the fact that Microsoft has been actively promoting Windows 10 Mobile to business users.

Not to mention, the company actually bought LinkedIn for a sky-high sum of $26.2 billion.

However, good news is that this turned out to be a false alarm.

A LinkedIn spokesperson issued the following statement, confirming that neither will the app be pulled from the Windows Store, nor will it be retired. If anything, the company says that it never meant to send the email in the first place:

“Earlier today some Windows users of the LinkedIn app mistakenly received an email stating that we would be retiring the older version of the flagship app. Users accessing LinkedIn through the Windows version of the app are not affected, and older versions of the app on the Windows phone will continue to work normally. Additionally, new Windows users can still download the app.”

That’s not to say that the email alluded to above wrote itself.

Somebody at LinkedIn actually sent this communication, and whether the company is backtracking or simply had a change of heart, the fact remains that the official LinkedIn app will continue to be remain available for Windows Phone users.

Now, whether we get to see it updated is another question, entirely!

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