RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Enables Rapid Windows 10 Deployments

Embarcadero, a leading provider of software solutions for application development, has today announced that RAD Studio has become the first IDE for deployment into Windows 10 Desktop Bridge.

A feature that allows the integrated development environment built-in ability for packaging Win32 and Win64 software into Desktop Bridge and onto the Windows Store.

This opens up a path for developers to deliver millions of existing, as well as new, applications to the Windows 10 user base in minutes.

As noted by Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president for the Windows developer platform at Microsoft:

“With the Desktop Bridge in Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing a tool that enables software built on the Windows desktop to use the modern Windows app packaging format. This brings benefits of cleaner installs, uninstalls and updates, new distribution opportunities through the Windows Store and Windows Store for Business and the software can also be enhanced with Universal Windows Platform capabilities such as notifications.

We are excited that developers can now use RAD Studio to directly build applications that utilize the Desktop Bridge. RAD Studio is the first developer IDE to support the Desktop Bridge and enables a fast migration route for existing applications without a major rewrite.”

RAD Studio Bridge Desktop support not only allows developers to transform their existing products into Windows 10 compatible apps, but also one native code base for all major app stores including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.

You can find out more details on RAD Studio Bridge support here.

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