Samsung Galaxy S8 Continuum Like Feature Shown In Concept Image

The rumors of Samsung including a feature similar to Continuum on Windows 10 in the soon to be released Galaxy S8 handset seem to be picking up pace.

We even have a leaked concept image now showing this feature in action.

Talk about this surprisingly emerged a few days ago, and now this concept image is doing the rounds revealing how the company might be baking this feature into its upcoming flagship smartphone. The image shows how the Galaxy S8 UI might look like when the phone is connected to an external monitor.

Take a look at it below:

If implemented, this feature would basically allow Galaxy S8 owners to connect their phones to a monitor using a dock, and they will then get the full-fledged desktop capabilities on their flagship Samsung device.

There remains a lot of uncertainty at this point, and we only have unofficial reports to go by. Even the name of this new tool is unclear for now.

Then again, keeping in mind the fact that Android 7.0 Nougat does in fact offer a Freeform Window Mode, it does not seem improbable for Samsung to including such a useful feature on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Particularly, if Samsung bundles in an external S Pen accessory with the handset.

Microsoft may have pioneered this useful initiative for its mobile OS, but competitors are catching up.

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