Samsung Galaxy S8 To Get A Continuum Like Feature?

Continuum has a competitor! It appears that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a functionality that is eerily similar to what Microsoft has cooked up for the Continuum feature for Windows 10.

Now, whether the Korean giant is working with Redmond on this, or baking up its own solution, that much currently remains unknown.

But as absurd as it sounds, the company is all ready to make an option similar to Continuum, at least for its high-end smartphones. Though it stands to reason that a few midrange devices will also pick this functionality up.

Only Samsung phones, though.

This presentation slide for the Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone shows an implementation of this feature, and just like Windows Phone users, these users will be provided access to a full-fledged PC experience when they connect their phones to a monitor through a dock.

In other words, they will have the option of adding keyboards and mice to the smartphone, and work on a much larger screen, if they want so.

Certainly, seems like a business oriented feature, this, even as the image displayed above is clearly a mockup. But the idea here is clear, and that being allowing users to take advantage of larger screens when connecting their phones to a monitor or TV.

The report claims that this functionality will be announced at the same time as the Galaxy S8, so we will probably have to wait until April to get an idea of what this is all about.


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